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41 Top Runner Program: Developing the world’s best energy-efficient appliances. Japan. 2008
42 Total Energy Management Handbook. New Approach to Energy Conservation in Thailand.
43 Warming up to trade : harnessing international trade to support climate change objectives
44 Trade, environmental regulations and the World Trade Organization : new empirical evidence
45 Trade liberalization and the environment in Vietnam
46 Canada: Government investing in Green Energy, Clean Technologies Projects
47 Linking Trade, Climate Change and Energy: Trade and Environment Series.
48 ASEAN Ministerial Meetings On Transboundary Haze Pollution
49 Liberalization of Trade in Environmental Goods for Climate Change Mitigation
50 Climate, Equity and Global Trade
51 Climate Change and Trade on the Road to Copenhagen
52 World Bank Livestock Waste Management Program in Thailand
53 Defining Environmental Goods and Services and their Trade and Sustainable Development Implications
54 Options for Liberalising Trade in Environmental Goods in the Doha Round
55 Trade that Benefits the Environment and Development: Opening Markets for EGS
56 Environmental Goods and Services A Synthesis of Country Studies
57 Strategies for the Commercialization and Deployment of Greenhouse Gas Intensity-Reducing Technologie
58 Department of Environment and Conservation in Papua New Guinea
59 Environmental Goods and Services: Challenges and Opportunities for Central American and Caribbean
60 Trade in Environmental Services: Assessing the Implications for Developing Countries, GATS
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