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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Recognizing the importance of infrastructure development to Mexico’s economic development and competitiveness, in July 2007 President Felipe Calderon launched National Infrastructure Program (NIP) to dramatically increase infrastructure investment in energy, transportation and health. This major focus on infrastructure presents over $141 billion in new opportunities for U.S. firms until 2012. The NIP will be financed using public-private partnerships, with significant Mexican public sector investment. For more on Mexico’s NIP and opportunities for U.S. firms, visit


Article by Matthew Hilgendorf, Matthew Dugan

Project Opportunities
Recent approval has been given to plans for two sewage treatment projects, “Agua Prieta” and “El Ahogado” in the state of Jalisco at a total cost estimated to approach $300 million dollars. The projects’ requirements specify that each plant be able to treat over 10 thousand liters per second. Once competed, the new plants will significantly improve the water supply of over four million people. The projects are also expected to bring significant overall environmental improvements to the areas particularly by reducing pollution in the Santiago River. A tender solicitation for the construction of the plants via the National Infrastructure Program is currently underway. The U.S. Commercial Service believes there to be opportunity for the involvement of U.S. businesses in three areas: the design, construction, and operation of the two plants. Additionally, a significantly smaller plant was recently approved for San Luis Potosí at an estimated cost of 30 million dollars.

A Desalination Plant has been approved for Baja California with 35 million dollars in funds set aside. The plant will be required to process 250 liters of salt water per second and will serve as another part of the government’s nationwide push to increase its access to secure and dependable supplies of potable water for its citizens. The Mexican government also plans to spend 63 million dollars in overall repairs and modernization of water utility networks and their management systems in areas such as Alcantarillado, Saneamiento, and San Luis Potosí.

The Commercial Service Mexico encourages U.S. companies in the waste treatment, water purification and utilities management industries to learn more about these business opportunities, including developing an agent or representative agreement with a Mexican firm with previous experience in this type of projects. The Commercial Service is available to assist U.S. companies interested in participating in this industry by providing background information, counseling, and introductions to prospective Mexican partners.

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