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Wednesday, July 15, 2009
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Environmental Goods and Services


In order to contribute to the debate on EGs, UNEP-UNCTAD CBTF has carried out a number of capacity-building activities including: (i) national and regional capacity-building workshops, (ii) technical assistance, and (iii) analytical research.

The CBTF seeks to enhance understanding of the implications of liberalization of EGS for sustainable development, and help developing countries to identify EGS, including environmentally preferable products (EPPs), of special importance to their trade, environment and development objectives through capacity building events. Such events have been held in Angola (Sub-Regional Seminar on Trade, Environment and Development for Portuguese Speaking African Developing Countries, November 2004), Lima (Workshop on Negotiations on Environmental Goods and Services for the Andean Community Countries, April 2005) and Manila (Workshop on the Definition, Criteria, Issues and Identification of Environmental Goods, June 2005).

The National Stakeholder Workshop on the Definition, Criteria, Issues and Identification of Environmental Goods held in Manila, Philippines, 8-9 June 2005, aimed at discussing conceptual and practical issues of the current negotiations in the WTO and their implications and requirements for the Philippines. The Workshop also discussed a CBTF background note on the current trade patterns of environmental goods for the Philippines.

Another workshop on Negotiations on Environmental Goods and Services for the Andean Community Countries: Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela, was held in Lima, Peru, 30-31 March 2005. The need to improve coordination and communication between policymakers in capitals and Geneva-based delegates was identified during the workshop. Two working groups, one on EGs and one on environmental services were created. They defined a program of action for future activities. A background paper for discussion on Environmental Goods and the ANDEAN Countries has also been prepared.

A regional capacity building seminar on Trade, Environment and Development was organised in Luanda, Angola, for Portuguese speaking African Countries in, Angola, 8-10 November 2004. The objective of the seminar was to raise awareness and further strengthen understanding of trade, environment and development linkages among Portuguese-speaking African countries. The seminar covered major issues relevant to the sustainable development of Portuguese-speaking African countries including; (i) ongoing negotiations related to the environment in the WTO Doha work programme, (ii) environmental requirements and market access, and (iii) opportunities and challenges in the area of trade, environment and development.


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