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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Like most developing countries, China is putting the lion’s share of its environmental investment in water and wastewater treatment. China's wastewater treatment market is large and expanding rapidly. Furthermore, the Chinese government has set the goal to establish an advanced environmental monitoring forecast system during the 11th Five-Year Plan period. Tremendous business opportunities are emerging.

In concert with increasing national infrastructure, China has issued laws, regulations and standards on wastewater online monitoring. Chinese lawmakers are suggesting more severe punishment for enterprises that excessively discharge water pollutants. Such fines are to be assessed according to the amount of monitored pollutant discharge. The operation of the online monitoring equipment is also subject to regular supervision.
In 2008, the Chinese government issued the “The 11th National Plan on Environmental

Monitoring and Supervision” in order to establish an overall automatic air quality monitoring system for all the cities, an overall automatic monitoring system for the major rivers and basin, and an automatic system on desert storm and acid settlement and offshore sea areas.

China: Water Monitoring Technology and Instruments. By Diana Liu, Wang Yi, 08/2008. U.S. Commercial Service.

China has begun to establish a basic automatic monitoring environmental system. The three-tiered system is composed of the national, provincial and municipal levels which include over 2,300 monitoring stations and 47,000 professional experts. There are ten national environmental monitoring networks covering the major rivers and basins. These rivers and basins include the Yangtze River, Yellow River, Huai River, Hai River, Pearl River, Liao River, Song Hua River, Tai Lake, Chao Lake and Dian Lake. Those systems generate reports on weekly, monthly and quarterly bases.

During the 11th Five Year Plan period, it is projected that all key sources of pollution will be equipped with automatic monitoring instruments. Currently, China is moving towards monitoring the pollutant sources of key manufacturers in heavy polluting industries. The major monitored parameters include CODCr, NH3-N, TP, pH, temperature and water flow, all of which are capable of monitoring U.S. products.

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