Friday, May 01, 2009

United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)
Background note by the UNCTAD secretariat**

This paper focuses on selected trade and environment issues that have received
considerable attention in recent international policy discourse, and related UNCTAD activities.
The analysis of environmental goods and services builds on recent work carried out with a
view to assisting developing countries in dealing with the implications of the mandate
provided for in paragraph 31 (iii) of the Doha Ministerial Declaration as well as UNCTAD's
contribution. The note also analyses the results of studies and policy dialogues concerning
environmental requirements and market access for developing countries carried out under
UNCTAD’s capacity building programme and the Consultative Task Force on Environmental
Requirements and Market Access for Developing Countries, and ongoing and future work on
standards and related issues in the field of organic agriculture. The note also discusses trade
and investment opportunities for developing countries emerging from the Kyoto Protocol and
the Convention on Biological Diversity, and reports on UNCTAD's activities under the
Biotrade Initiative, and the new BioFuels Initiative. Finally, it raises a number of issues that
the Commission may wish to address.

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