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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

 Energy Conservation and Carbon Reduction Service Corps

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To strive toward the goal of "returning to 2005 CO2 emission levels by 2020, and to 2000 CO2 emission levels by 2025," Ministry of Economic Affairs, Chinese Taipei, formed "Energy Conservation and Carbon Reduction Service Corps," and took actions for the "Year of Energy Conservation and Carbon Reduction," by carrying out a variety of activities in 2010, such as conducting 111 investigations of GHG emission levels, 1092 assessments of energy conservation potential, promotion of 332 voluntary reduction actions in the industries, and various education tasks. 

The Energy Conservation and Carbon Reduction Service Corps comprises  technical service corps, publicity corps, and a volunteer team. The "technology service corps consists of nearly 300 technical specialists who provide a wide range of energy conservation and carbon reduction technical counseling and consultation services. The 6 categories of clients with diverse needs are served: manufacturers, SMEs, factories, energy producers, institutions/schools, and construction.

The publicity corps reaches out to the general public through all types of media to provide related energy conservation and carbon reduction techniques and information. The "volunteer team" disseminates information on benefits to and mobilizes the whole community through the public service and the internet.

Up to August 2010, the technical service corps, completed 111 GHG inventories, with inventoried emissions reaching 17.02 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent (CO2e). In the area of energy conservation technology counseling, it completed 1092 consultations and found a total reduction potential of 412,000 tonnes CO2e. Clients included manufacturers, residential, commercial and government sectors, small business associations and retailers. Compared to the same period previous year, 332 more consultations were conducted this year, and total emission reductions increased to 1,237,000 tonnes CO2e, including 720,000 tonnes CO2e for which third party verification have been completed.

On 5 June 2010, the publicity group held the main event in which the public experienced the happy spirit of "Living a life of energy conservation can be done everywhere. A short film to publicize energy efficiency was also completed and broadcast. The "volunteer team" has also made a network of 38 volunteer groups, and assisted 25 civil society groups to conduct 58 publicity activities.

The information on all the aforementioned activities and services is available under the energy conservation and carbon reduction service corps webpage on the website of the MOEA energy conservation and carbon reduction promotion office at:


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