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Saturday, September 19, 2009

2006 Eco-Products Directory for Sustainable Production and Consumption. APO, Asian Productivity Organization, Japan.


Achieving a Sustainable Economy through Eco-Innovation and Green Purchasing

It is now clear that if the current world economy continues its present course, environmental destruction and social collapse will be inevitable. The following facts should provide sufficient empirical evidence to support this assertion. For example, over 760 tons of CO2 are emitted globally every second, and about 50% of this accumulates in our atmosphere and has become the major cause of global warming. Oxygen is being reduced at the rate of 710 tons per second due to excessive consumption, and the exponential increase in the production of materials such as metals inevitably increases the consumption of resources and energy, as well as the discharge of substances that place a burden on the environment. The increased input and output of such substances leads to resource depletion and limited ability of earth's ecosystems to absorb and purify them, causing environmental burdens.

According to the US Department of Commerce, the world population reached 6.5 billion at 09:19 on 26 February 2006. It is increasing at a rate of 2.3 persons per second this year and is estimated to reach 7 billion in 2013 and 9.2 billion in 2050. Meanwhile, the world economy has been growing steadily at the rate of more than 3% per year. In China and India, the economy has been growing at a remarkable rate of more than 8% per year. As a result, the middle class in many parts of Asia (China, Southeast Asia, India, and the Far East excluding Japan) is increasing rapidly. One statistical survey projects an expansion of the middle-class population in Asia from 159 million in 2004 to approximately 400 million in 2009 due to the economic growth of China and India. Rapid economic growth in Asia and other regions will bring benefits and is of course welcome. However, our planet's future could depend on whether this wealthy middle class engages in green purchasing. Sustainable consumption is necessary not only for developed countries but also for developing ones.

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