Clean Technology
World Bank Livestock Waste Management Program in Thailand Email
Written by Grant Ferrier  21 July 2009  

The project aims to improve livestock waste management practices and take advantage of the captured renewable energy in the form of biogas at participating farms.

Strategies for the Commercialization and Deployment of Greenhouse Gas Intensity-Reducing Technologie Email
Written by Grant Ferrier  21 July 2009  

This report examines Federal programs, policies, and measures that encourage the
commercialization and deployment of technologies that reduce, avoid, or capture
and store emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs).
Prepared in fulfillment of certain requirements of the
Energy Policy Act, as amended in 2005, it
inventories prospective technologies, assesses their current development status,
identifies barriers, risks and other obstacles to their greater
deployment, describes strategies to address these
obstacles as a means for accelerating deployment, and outlines opportunities
for the future.

Singapore‘s Environmental industry gets boost Email
Written by Grant Ferrier  16 July 2009  

Worth approximately S$1 trillion (US$600 billion) globally, the environmental industry has been
earmarked by Singapore as a strategic growth area to help the country diversify its economy. In early 2007, Singapore heralded its entry into the clean energy race as Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong
announced a $170 million research fund for the industry. The Economic Development Board (EDB) soon
unveiled a more detailed $350 million blueprint - for research and development, testing and pilot projects in clean energy.

Structural Change and Performance of the German Environmental Sector Email
Written by Grant Ferrier  30 April 2009  

The paper tries to assess the direction and the main driving forces of the structural change of the German environmental sector from a theoretical and empirical perspective. The empirical analysis is based on data of the establishment panel of the Institute for Employment Research in Nuremberg from 1998 to 2005.

Total USA Environmental, Green Products and Clean Energy Market Email
Written by Grant Ferrier  30 April 2009  

Market Size Data on Environmental, Green Products and Clean Energy in a spreadsheet: 2005 and 2005 calendar years.

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